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Safeguarding and Child Protection Procedures

The aim of Ulster Schools GAA is the promotion of Gaelic Games in Ulster Schools; in so doing, it organises 72 competitions which entails c1,800 games annually in football and hurling for its 131 affiliated schools.

Ulster Schools GAA is committed to creating and maintaining the safest possible environment for all the young people who participate in our Gaelic Games and activities. Our aim is to ensure that young people receive the best possible care, attention, and protection while participating in our games;  the welfare of our young people shall always be our paramount consideration.

Code of Behaviour

Ulster Schools GAA is, therefore, committed to implementing all aspects of the Code of Best Practice in Youth Sport as enunciated in “Our Games – Our Code”. This code addresses the minimum appropriate levels of behaviour, practice and conduct from everyone associated with our games, and applies to all persons playing, participating, or attending our games and activities. It applies equally to players, coaches and team officials, parents and guardians, supporters, match officials, stewards, and all attendees in whatever capacity.

Alleged breaches of this Code:

Alleged breaches will be investigated in accordance with the guidance contained in “Our Games Our Code: Dealing with Alleged Breaches of the Code of Best Practice in Youth Sport”.

Photography at Games:

During the playing season, school teams may be photographed and action shots captured for match coverage and promotional purposes. These images will adhere to the GAA guidelines for photography. Parents/guardians who object to their son(s) appearing in such images should inform the relevant school / team mentors.

Authorisation for freelance photographers:

  • In the first instance, schools seek permission from parents for the use of digital images of their son(s) to publicise school events and activities.
  • Ulster Schools GAA then requires consent from affiliated schools for authorised photographers to operate at matches.
  • Photographers will require authorisation from the Ulster Schools GAA committee before they can operate at fixtures.
  • Such authorisation will be considered only in the case of photographers who have Access NI clearance or who are Garda Vetted, and whose names have been proposed and forwarded for authorisation by an affiliated school to Ulster Schools GAA. The final decision on any individual application remains with Ulster Schools GAA.
  • Photographers thus accredited will be issued with a customised bib and pass as confirmation of authorisation.
  • Any such photographer must make her/himself known to the managers of both school teams before the commencement of each game.
  • No photographic images taken at an Ulster Schools GAA game may be sold unless as part of an accredited photographic agreement with Ulster Schools GAA.
  • The requirements above do not apply to accredited photojournalists from national, provincial, or local newspapers.

Filming of Games.

  • Ulster Schools GAA will arrange for certain games to be filmed each year for transmission and/or promotional purposes; this work will be carried out by an authorised agency on behalf of Ulster Schools, and a copy of each such game will be made available to the two schools involved free of charge.
  • On other occasions, a school wishing to video a game must have both: (a) the permission of the organising committee as per Bye-law 38 (b) the permission of the opposing team/school.
  • When permission is obtained from both parties, unedited copies of any such recordings must be made available to the other school involved and to the organising committee.
  • No recorded images taken at an Ulster Schools GAA game may be sold unless as part of an accredited recording agreement with Ulster Schools GAA.
  • All recordings must adhere to the GAA guidelines for filming.


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All photographers at our games will have official accreditation. Photojournalists employed by national, provincial, or local papers will already have such accreditation from their employers, but freelance photographers will have to get accreditation from Ulster Schools GAA.

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