Ullster Colleges’ Hurling team 1962

March 13, 2021

This photograph appeared in the History publication of Carey Faugh’s.

They of course mentioned their own players. But can anyone help in naming the others?

Email Seamas McAleenan <[email protected]>


Back Row from the left : ___________, Oliver Kelly (St Mary’s CBS &Gael Uladh), ___________,  Eamon Hamill (St. Mary’s & Rossa), Hugh G Rice (St. Mary’s CBS & St. Paul’s), ___________, Colm Osbourne (St Malachy’s ? & Carey), ___________, ___________, ___________,



Front Row from the left: ___________, Eddie Donnelly (St MacNissi’s & Ballycastle), ___________, ___________, ‘Petzie’ (Ray?) Mc Donnell (St Malachy’s College & St. Paul’s, Harry McKiernan (??? & Carey), ___________, PJ Hill (St Malachy’s & Carey)