Score fest in Corn Mac Neasa final

March 27, 2018

Danske Bank Corn Mac Neasa final
St Colman’s Ballynahinch 12-11 Drumragh Integrated 6-8
I doubt if there will be another final played this year that will have reporters checking scores with mentors so regularly. Both Drumragh Integrated and St Colman’s Ballymnahinch threw defence to the wind and between them produced 18 goals and 18 points in Mid Ulster Sports Arena, Cookstown yesterday.
Although Ryan O’Hare opened the score with a Ballynahinch goal, Drumragh hit three points in a row to level before the floodgates opened and the Down side scored 3-1 between the 10th and 15th minutes, two of the goals scored by Jamie Morgan who was undoubtedly Player of the match with a personal haul of 7-2.
He completed his hat-trick before the break, by which point Ballynahinch had scored 7-2 and Drumragh had scored eight times for a 2-6 total, the goals scored by Daniel O’Neill and Matthew Howe.
And amazingly the Omagh team closed the gap to a single point after 38 minutes by scoring 4-2 with Ballynahinch responding with 1-1.
But to their credit the Down boys hit back strongly with Morgan completing his second hat-trick by the 47th minute and Michael McNeill and Matt Boyle taking control around the middle of the pitch.
St Colman’s : S Rogan, R Rogan, D McCartan, C McEvoy, M Boyle, J Vance, R Murphy 1-1, O Carew 1-1, M McNeill 1-2, C Magee, R O’Hare 1-3, J McMullan, S Valentine, J Morgan 7-2, C McAleenan 1-0
Subs used: R Walsh 1-2, J Black, J Erwin, D Morrison, L Brudnius.
Drumragh : S Devlin, S óg Leonard, J Krawczyk, H McCann, O Devlin, C Armstrong, C Malone, T McClean 1-0, L Meenagh 1-0, T Campbell, D O’Neill 2-2, O Cheung, M Howe 1-3, C O’Reilly 1-3, C Lynam
Subs used: G McCrory, D McSorley, D Gillespie, C Chisum